Welcome to animalrescues.tumblr.com.  Thank you for taking the time out to come across this blog.  This blog will be updated frequently of different animals that are in urgent need of being rescued/fostered.  Pictures will be posted of the animals, as well as their stories.  Links will be posted that will link you directly to different facebook groups and websites that will feature animals in urgent need of care.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, that this blog is NOT just for people to adopt.  If you cannot adopt but would like to spread the word, PLEASE DO SO!  It is HIGHLY encouraged to do so.  The more people, the better!!!

If you are however interested in adopting any of the animals posted on here, please get in contact with me, or more preferably the facebook group.  If you are interested in adopting a particular animal, comment on the photo of the animal you’d like to rescue and simply state that you would like to rescue this animal.  Once you get in contact with someone on the page, they will tell you who to contact for a rescue, and the rescue center will pull the animal immediately for you so it will not be euthanized.

There sometimes are slight rescue-pull fees, but I have never seen one over $100 and it is well worth it in the end.  


If the animal you’d like to rescue is out of state, PLEASE ASK ABOUT TRANSPORTING THE ANIMAL!  This IS possible!

Please share this page to any animal lover you know…spread the word!!

Disclaimer: I am not officially affiliated with the rescues that will be posted in this blog, however I watch upon the pages daily and hope that most animals (if not every animal) makes it to safety.  The decision to bring this group to tumblr was simply because millions of users use it, and I figured I could spread a good cause by doing so.

Please follow this page and share it with others!  I will not particularly follow back unless you have something to do with animal rescues as well, but please don’t take that as an insult.  I just made this blog to hopefully make a difference for these poor animals lives.  If you’re looking to follow my personal blog, I may give my url upon request.

Thank you.

"For those that don’t have a voice, we speak up for them."

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